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Unboxing the Razer Blade Pro with Busy Works Beats

Busy Works Beats does what we all should have done a while ago which is an unboxing of the Razer Blade Pro as well showing how to set up FL Studio 12 on the system.


SeamlessR Studio Tour

YouTube music production tutorial legend will be giving us a guided tour into the inner workings of his home studio.


“Dope Girls” Tutorial Part Four with DJ Shiftee

Part 4 of DJ Shiftee breaking down his performance of "Dope Girls" featuring the Razer Blade.


deadmau5 & Steve Duda: Talking Shop

Joel and Steve are back, talking shop and their process in some of the great projects that they have worked on together.


Sound Design: Creating Samples and Leads in Massive with Feed Me

Jon Gooch AKA Feed Me AKA Spor shows us how he creates samples using the ever-popular Massive by Native Instruments.


Beats: Tips for Young Producer from Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin lets young producers know about the mistakes that they're making in their process and he's here to set the record straight and get you on the path to making great music.


“Dope Girls” Tutorial Part Three with DJ Shiftee

Part 3 of DJ Shiftee breaking down his performance of "Dope Girls" featuring the Razer Blade.


Advanced Sampling Techniques with Dyro

Welcome back to Los Angeles’s renowned East West Studios, where Dutch electro phenom Dyro is ready to give you a sneak peek at an advanced sampling technique that he’s employed in some of his b...


Finding Your Sound and Composition Styles with Varien

Get in the studio with bass music marvel Varien for some advice on how to hone your production skills and find your own unique sound as an artist.


Mastering and Routing with deadmau5 & Steve Duda

deadmau5 and Steve Duda welcome you back to the lab in the second part of their Razer Music tutorial series where the duo are breaking down deadmau5’s track “Imaginery Friends.”


Razer Blade Stealth Teaser with deadmau5

The Ultimate Producer with the Ultimate Ultrabook.


“Dope Girls” Tutorial Part Two with DJ Shiftee

Turntablist phenom DJ Shiftee hits the decks in Los Angeles to showcase his latest face melting scratch routine “Dope Girls.”


"Dope Girls" Tutorial Part One with DJ Shiftee

Jump back behind the decks with two-time DMC champion DJ Shiftee to learn how to turn your favorite tracks into unique, dynamic live performances.


DJ Shiftee "Dope Girls" Performance

Turntablist phenom DJ Shiftee hits the decks in Los Angeles to showcase his latest face melting scratch routine “Dope Girls.”


deadmau5 & Steve Duda: Melodic Structuring

Dance music icon deadmau5 and engineering wunderkind Steve Duda team up to take you under the hood of deadmau5’s progressive electro-house hit “Imaginary Friends” on his Blade Stealth.


deadmau5 & Steve Duda: Exclusive Studio Tour

Razer Music provides an exclusive first look into deadmau5’s brand new, custom-built home studio.


Sound Design: Building Percussion for Rat Trap Pt. Two

Razer Music returns to the studio with Feed Me for an in-depth look into the session of his track "Rat Trap" on his Razer Blade.


Sound Design: Building a Lead for Rat Trap with Feed Me

Razer Music returns to the studio with FEED ME for an in-depth look into the session of his track "Rat Trap" on his Razer Blade.


Top 5 Tips to Humanize Digital Instruments with Varien

Varien returns to Razer Music to share his top five tricks for humanizing your melodies.


Performance Drums & Effects Part One with Ean Golden

Razer Music returns with the debut of one of the most respected voices in DJ performance---San Francisco DJ/producer & creator of DJTechTools, Ean Golden.


Sound Design: Bass Resampling with Feed Me

UK super producer Jon Gooch (aka “Feed Me” or “Spor”) returns to Razer Music to dig deeper into re-sampling and how producers can achieve grittier sounds while reducing CPU usage.


Sound Design: Managing Subfrequencies and Harmonics With Dyro

Dyro takes us inside one of the cornerstones of electronic music production—managing the relationship between your kick and your sub-bass.


Beats: Essentials To Drum Sequencing With Metro Boomin

Atlanta’s Metro Boomin is a master of the bottom heavy bass, and 808 drum programming is key to getting that deep gut crushing sound.


SOUND DESIGN: White Noise Sweeps And Adding Tonality With Dyro

Dyro also known as Jordy van Egmond is a Dutch producer that specializes is nasty basslines and what might be called aggressive progressive house.


Beats: Tuning Drums To The Key Of Your Song With Dyro

Mixing in key has been essential for DJs since the beginning of long 16 to 32 bar mixes in Dj sets.


top 5 mistakes that young producers make with feed me

Industry veteran Jonathan Gooch also known as Feed Me and Spor knows a thing or two about production techniques after more than a decade behind the boards.


Sound Design: How To Make a Drum & Bass Patch With Feed Me

If you are a producer or even just an aspiring DJ the names, Feed Me and Spor evoke an almost immediate emotional response.


Sound Design: Combining Electronic And Orchestral Sounds with Varien

Varien takes us on a journey through the complex but significant world of marrying electronic and organic orchestral sounds.


Watch Beats, Basslines And Sequencing With Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin is a master of the head nodding basslines and hard hitting drums that have heavy influenced the landscape of contemporary Hip Hop.


Announcing Razer Music

The Razer Music portal works with producers and creators, providing an easy-to-use location to share content, trade secrets and tips on music making. The site features video tutorials, as we...


Sound Design: How To Make Organic Orchestral Music With Varien

For this episode of Razer's Sound Design Varien explains the art of making electronic orchestral sounds seem more organic and "human."